I have no idea why am I doing this ahah

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1. What was your last dream about/ the last one you can remember?
Ok, so me and some of my closest friends were on The Hunger Games, and I was Katniss, so I was famous. But the arena was a city so it was very confuse o.O 

2. Favorite solar planet in the solar system? (or exoplanets, whichever you prefer)
   Jupiter (?)

3. Something you hate with a burning passion

People from my school

4. Something you love (with more burning passion)

Lady Gaga

5. Gyrffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw?

Gryffindor :DD

6.  Put iTunes on shuffle please, What song is the first to come up?

When you’re gone - Avril Lavigne

7. Paste the last thing you copied


8. What’s your astrological sign? 

9. Favorite Anime?
fruits basket 

10. What do you think the person you’re going to marry is doing right now?

That person is listening to music

11. Parlez-vous le francais? Si oui, dit-moi votre oiseaux favori!

Oui. ahah, jk, I should know how to speak french, but I don’t remember :c

= My Questions =

1-Favourite male character of an anime?

2-What is the singer/band that you love the most?

3-What is the colour that you like the most?

4-In which continent do you live?

5-If you could choose the way you’ll die, which way would you choose?

6-How many languages can you talk?

7-Last movie you’ve watched.

8-Favourite manga.

9-Seal or penguin?

10-How many enemies? 

11-Favourite book.